Cooking #AtoZChallenge

Posted April 3 2018

Being able to cook is a great skill to have, and an excellent way of being creative.

Why is cooking creative? If you are improvising while cooking (I do this a fair bit), or following a recipe, you are creating a one of a kind dish. The ingredients and utensils are your materials, and the plate is the surface material you showcase your creation on.

Most importantly it doesn’t matter how the dish looks, it’s all about the flavour and love that that went into the dish.

I find it so easy to get caught up in cooking with all the nice flavours, the experience of preparing the food & adding all the ingredients together to cook something special. Whenever possible I take the time to cook something for dinner (usually an Asian inspired meal like Hokkien Mee, chilli crab sauce prawns, or even a simple but delicious stir fry). What do you love cooking?

Your Thoughts

  • I didn’t start enjoy cooking until about ten years ago. I went from “having” to cook for the kids, to loving to cook for the family, if that makes sense? I was able to experiment with flavors and spices because they were older. Now, I pick a recipe and go for it. Grilling is still my favorite though.

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