Explore the world around you #atozchallenge

Posted April 5 2018

Explore your city, your country, your world, and you’ll learn from what’s around you.

I love to explore, both what is around me in my home city & what’s around me in new and unfamiliar places. I find that the same spot may never be the same the second time you visit as something may change (like a new artwork), or you see something you’ve never seen before even though it’s been in that place.

Exploration is also a great way to push what we see as our comfort zone, as we enter areas and situations that may not feel comfortable at first, but in the end feels amazing as we experience the unexpected.

If you explore another country, you experience food that you’ve never had before, hear different languages spoken, and see sights that are breathtaking.

So get out there & explore!

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