Feeling Conflicted | Deciding on a new phone

Posted August 9 2019

I’ve been looking at various phone models throughout this year due to my phone’s battery not being that great, and requiring a bit more space on the phone.

Throughout this time various phones have come out from all the key players, both in the midrange price range and the flagship price range. Features include various types of cameras, different screens, operating system features, wireless charging and others. Of course one of the most important features now is NFC for mobile payments.

I’ve considered various Android phones (to see if I would like moving away from iPhone) in the midrange option, and although some (e.g. Samsung’s A50 or Oppo’s Reno Z) are quite attractive due to the features they have for a AU$500 phone, I also have various questions.

What do I really need? Will this camera be good? Would a flagship phone (despite it’s cost) be better? Should I just wait for the next iPhone?

That conflicted feeling just keeps growing. Although some phone releases (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Note 10) are attractive, the price of course puts me off (honestly as well the Note 10 may be a bit much for what I need). But then for the midrange phones although the price is good, I do wonder about the cameras on them if they are really good enough. There is also temptation of just going with the Samsung S10e as it’s a good entry level flagship phone.

I’m not sure of the timing of when I’ll get a new phone, but I do know I want to ensure that whatever I get is going to be suitable for the next 3-4 years & offers good features across all aspects of the phone. Hopefully this conflicted feeling will go sooner than later as I of course can’t just keep chasing phone models as they come out.

What’s your phone model & you favourite thing about it? 

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