Get fit at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Posted April 7 2017

That’s right, you can become healthy and fit while attending the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). Get ready to tone those stomach muscles, work out those vocal chords and mediate on comedy brilliance.

Bec Somers will inspire you to become the new you with her tips, tricks & life story. If you’ve never heard of Bec (played by Melissa Tracina), she is the latest ‘Wellness coach, health blogger, nutritionist, naturopath & nutritiopath!’. Join Bec for an Evening of Total BS, the first ever parody wellness class.

Get ready to sip your turmeric latte ($3.50, quite delicious – other healthy drink options available), stretch your lungs (to get ready to laugh) and enjoy the healthiest wellness class around. A must see during the comedy festival thanks to the witty lines (Tim McDonald) and flawless performance by Bec.

An Evening of Total BS
  • Honestly, you do not want to miss Bec. Your life will never be the same.
  • On until the 15th of April at L1 Studios, 377 Little Bourke Street
    NEW LARGER VENUE: Fort Delta,Howey Place (off Lt Collins St)
  • Find out more and work those finger muscles to get your tickets at

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