Hello 2019!

Posted January 3 2019

As we enter 2019 & get ready for what the year will bring, I wonder if you think about what the new year will be like for you?

Do you set resolutions or goals? Have you planned any part of the year? Or do you wait and see what will happen this year?

For me, new year resolutions are something that I find hard creating, let alone if I ever actually follow them through (if I’ve actually set one). I hope though that 2019 is one where I can set some good resolutions and keep to them.

As for what the year will look like, there is so much I’ve not even planned. I do know however it will involve spending precious time with my girlfriend, eating delicious food & going on whatever adventures may appear. I also am planning to post more on my blog and instagram accounts including trying a photo a day on my @kennethw instagram account.

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