Learning something new #onepostaweekchallenge

Posted August 7 2018

Whatever stage in life we are at, we are learning something new.

As babies we learn to speak, eat and walk. As we continue to grow up, we learn more words, new ways of doing things & new experiences. We develop our professional & social skills, and seek more knowledge.

Sometimes even we go back to something we enjoyed as a kid, like painting or learning another language, and explore opportunities as adults to grow these skills again or learn something new.

One of the areas I’ve started learning is hand lettering. Although it’s different to doing painting, it’s also similar in the way that you slow down & think about the lettering strokes your creating. There are classes around (I did one once), but predominantly I’ve just been practicing and looking at other examples.

Learning another language is another area that I’ve started doing again. I’ve switched from Japanese to learning Chinese (although still have an interest in Japanese) as the language interests me. It is a challenge (which I’ll highlight in a future post), but also quite fun.

Whatever you end up learning, it’s going to engage your mind, and potentially introduce you to new experiences in life.

So what are you learning currently?

I’m a bit late in last weeks #onepostaweekchallemge post so this week will have two.

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