Lost in a sea of thoughts

Posted November 19 2018

Coming up with thoughts of what to do today, wondering about new blog topics, even thinking about what to eat.

These are all things that contribute to getting lost in a sea of thoughts. I’ll be honest sometimes it’s overwhelming thinking about things to do, especially as sometimes you never get around to doing them.

When it comes to thinking about things to do, or pieces to write, the biggest mistake I make is not writing the thoughts down. I still have thoughts buzzing around in my head, without any clarity. It’s also how thoughts end up getting lost and combined.

I actually keep thinking I should write these thoughts down, but that also gets lost into the sea. My aim is to try and get these thoughts written down.

I think it’s time to get a little pocket book or diary so I at least can try and calm this sea of thoughts.

How do you manage your sea of thoughts? Do you write ideas down or do they just float around in your head?

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