Mini review – Charlie & Co. Burgers

Posted May 22 2014

Thought I would check out the new Charlie & Co. Burgers that has recently opened in the Emporium shopping centre (one day I will write a review of the centre, maybe when all the shops are open)

I first heard of Charlie and Co. when it opened a few years ago in Westfield Sydney.

I ordered the classic Charlie burger and the Parmesan & truffle fries. The burger includes a wagyu patty (a good size) and your choice of cheddar, blue or Brie cheese. I chose the Brie and think its a great combination (although as someone who likes blue vein cheese I am interested in trying a burger with it sometime).

The fries are nice, although the cheese does seem a bit much near the end.


PS. I chose to eat it with a knife and fork. Next time I might just use my hands as it will be messy and slightly hard to eat as it is a thick burger.

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