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Posted April 22 2017

Where to begin? That’s a question I always think about when writing a blog post.

What topic to write about? Do I have enough content? What images to use? When to publish? Do I have time to write a post?

It’s a journey that I often struggle with, but I also use it as an area for growth. For todays post, I’m going to mention some of the areas I’m looking at improving in my journey of running a blog as well as exploring creating more vlogs (see my YouTube channel for what I’ve done so far and hope to do some more in the next month or two).

Creative writing

Creative writing isn’t my best strength. I can do it, but I at times wonder what exactly I’m going to say.

As part of my goals for this year, I’m aiming to improve my writing style. Some of this may actually be done via poetry (like my Poem for Syria), writing a review of a cafe or restaurant, writing about an area interest, or even about travel.

This may also include looking at some creative writing courses or online guides.

Ideas into reality

I am sure I’m not the only person who runs into this issue. I find it so easy to think about multiple ideas, but never actually write them down.

Sometimes an idea will come back into my mind where I then should write it down, but instead just think about it. A lot of the time these ideas appear around bedtime making it harder to write down.

I aim to improve this area this year by trying to use the notes section on my phone to write ideas down (maybe even find a suitable app), even if it’s around bedtime I think of the idea.

Coming up with content

Other than times when I’m trying to work out whatever idea I’ve thought of, I also at times wonder about what content to create.

This actually is something that I keep thinking about and the best answer is do whatever comes naturally. Some of the ideas could create content, and aspects of day to day life also creates content. For example finding a nice cafe I’ve never been to could create a nice short review.

For me, if I can’t come up with content straight away, I find it’s better to wait for the content to come to me rather than trying to create something completely out of nothing.

Time management

Writing a blog post can be time consuming, even more so if I do a vlog. It’s so easy to get distracted and procrastinate by doing other things instead of writing a post. Often I think about actually writing a post and have the time to do it, but will instead do something that is a time waster (like going on Facebook).

Time management is something that I’m focusing on this year as an area of improvement. Other than trying to organise my day to day life, I am looking at how I can structure various tasks that may not be as structured. This includes blog writing and vlog filming as both may not be done regularly but still need to be managed among all the other tasks I’m working on.

What a journey!

It may be a long journey, but the joy I get out of it is that I am creating content and building new skills. I see these skills, which I’ve only listed some I can think of, as valuable areas of growth that can help with day to day life.

Have you tried running a blog or creating a vlog? Let me know in the comments your tips and tricks.

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