Xerox #atozchallenge

Posted April 25 2019

The photocopier sits there in eco mode
Waiting for a task to come in
Soon it receives a signal
A print job comes in

It wakes up, gets ready to print
Heat builds as it awakens
And paper is fed through it
As the toner prints an image

The user comes over
Checks out their print
They suddenly realise
They forgot to print copies

They decide to copy the print
Rather than walk back to their desk
Ten copies are selected
The start button is pressed

A loud beep rings out
The copier is in pain
As it has ran out of paper
Halfway through the copy

The user grabs a box of Xerox paper
Opens the paper tray
Loads the paper into it
And gets the remainder of the copy underway

Soon the copy is finished
The user walks away
The copier again waits for a job
And goes to sleep again

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