So did you hear what happened on Masterchef UK the other night? I never thought I would hear about rendang being described as meant to be crispy, let alone the chicken skin. News and social media sites everywhere have taken jumped onto the news, and even brands like Ikea have followed this trending topic.

This is one example of a trend that I’ve seen people following in the past week. In this case it’s fun and actually brings a bit more knowledge of what rendang is (although it’s making me want to get some).

Some trends appear to be fun, like the ‘after these words tap the phones keyboard button three times’ post that a few people do on Facebook, which are harmless. Some other trends I’ve seen actually could expose your Facebook account to hacking. So be careful with the ‘this is what you’ll look like in 50 years’ applications. I also wonder how much time is spent on these posts when we could be doing something more meaningful.

There are so many other types as examples of trends that are around. Before you jump onto a trend make sure it doesn’t eat too much of your time, that you stay unique in who you are and that you keep looking for something meaningful to do.

The title of this post is mandarin slang for Following a trend – 赶时髦 gǎn shímáo (‘catch up with the fashion’ – source: InnovativeLearning’s daily dose)

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