April #AtoZChallenge

Posted April 1 2018

April is already here! Somehow the past three months have flown by & days are getting shorter (and a bit colder).

The first of April is also, for this year, when daylight savings in Australia. Although it means mornings will be a bit lighter for a couple of months, I’ll miss the extra hour of daylight in the evening. On the plus side I should hopefully see some great sunsets and maybe even try doing a time lapse of one.

Today is also Easter Sunday, a day where Christians rejoice the resurrection of Jesus. He brought us new life, that whoever believes in Him is saved. I encourage you to find a church today to hear the good news, or check out Alpha if you have questions.

April I hope will be a significant month in my life, not just growing with my writing skills for the A to Z blog challenge, but also around various areas of growth & relationship.

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