Breaking the Mould #AtoZChallenge

Posted April 2 2018

Are you good at breaking the mould? Or do you stick with what feels comfortable.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think is comfortable or normal. We eat the same food, go to the same places, do the same routine tasks.

It’s not until we do or experience something completely different, we learn that being able to break the mould isn’t a scary thing to do, but actually a way where we can grow, learn and become a better person.

Don’t be afraid to speak to people around you as you never know who you’ll meet & what experiences you can share & learn from each other. Enter into uncomfortable situations as even though you may fear what the outcome may be, it could actually grow you. In fact don’t be afraid to travel overseas, go places you’ve never been & eat food you’ve never eaten before.

Life isn’t meant to stay the same, doing different things in life can give you great joy.

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