Dating #AtoZChallenge

Posted April 4 2018

I’ll be honest, I really wondered if I dare post about the topic of dating on my blog, or should I just dream up another topic.

Why avoid this topic? Dating can be something that seems quite scary at first, like many new experiences we go through, but in the end it grows us and may ultimately result in a life long relationship between two amazing people.

If you meet someone in person or online, use the first few dates to build up a friendship with that person. Get to know their interests, likes and dislikes. Don’t of course just build up friendships for dating purposes, but look at building connections & knowledge with friends around you.

As you get to know this person, you grow in knowledge of who they are, and they get to know who you are. As you grow in this knowledge you become closer in relationship & connecting with each other.

Dating, is also a way that you can grow yourself as you step into a situation that is not within your comfort zone. Even if someone matches your personality type, there are vulnerabilities that we push through to build those connections with someone who could become our forever best friend.

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