Inventors mind #atozchallenge

Posted April 10 2018

Inventors mind

On a dark, cold night

In a carport in the suburbs of Melbourne

A budding inventor was hard at work

He was wondering what to create next

Or if he should just get some rest.

He pondered this for a bit longer

Grabbed a cup of matcha green tea

Decided to watch some TV

As he watched he say something

A lightbulb suddenly come on

He ran back to his carport

Created some blueprints

Drew up the plan

Gathered the parts

But whatever could it be

An automatic tea maker

So that he wouldn’t have to get up

When he wanted another cup

So that he could continue watching TV

He was hooked into ‘back to 1989 念間’


Sometimes it’s nice to just write some poetry. It doesn’t always rhyme but it can be a lot of fun.

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