Joyful moments #atozchallenge

Posted April 12 2018

How do you find joy? What makes you happy?

It could be a nice meal, a beautiful sunset, a walk in nature, some nice music or even time chatting to someone that you like.

These moments are where we recharge, reflect and find happiness in our own special way. They can make us laugh, help inspire us and brighten our day.

We all have ways that we create and seek the many moments of joy. Even if it’s something simple like finding a good book to read, or something complex like creating a massive piece of art, we continue to find new things that create these moments of joy.

Now of course not everything in life can give you joy, these are also moments that we can learn from and grow. If you do have things in your life where joy isn’t found, look at why you are doing it. Sometimes tasks in our life that don’t seem joyful can develop later into a moment of joy or prepare us for future things in our life.

So wherever you are in life, whatever you are facing, take a moment to find that joy that puts a smile on your face.

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