Jump #atozchallenge

Posted April 10 2019

A voice yells out from behind
Suddenly all the senses switch to a higher gear
He wonders why he is about to do this

Again the voice appears
He double checks his harness
Takes in a deep breath
Looks down and takes a second thought

Into the abyss before him
A bungee rope holding him secure
The wind rushes past
As he heads towards the ground

In both joy and fear
right until the shock of the rope
Pulling him back up

Through the air
As high as the rope allows
Then the journey finishes

As he’s pulled back towards the platform
The ground becomes far away
And he hears a familiar voice

Well it feels a bit like it
As he is back on the platform
It’s a crazy adventure

He may never do it again
But he has a story to tell
And photos of the experience

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