Poem for Syria

Posted April 8 2017
Hurt, pain, sorrow,
Beautiful Syria, you did not deserve this pain.
Families destroyed, hope draining, hearts broken.We see it on TV, hear it on the radio, read about it on social media.
How many of our hearts cry out for Syria,

Where war torn cities lay.Refugees, looking for some kind of hope,
Taking unthinkable risks to travel to safety.
Families looking for new life around the world.

Hopes and prayers that crimes in this nation will end.
That war will cease, and peace returns.
Families can come home, hearts renewed.

Every time I see something on the news or social media in relation to Syria, my heart burns with sorrow. The events of the past week where families are hurt or killed from a suspected chemical attack, and then followed by the U.S launching air strikes against a Syrian airfield which is suspected of being involved in the chemical attack.

I wrote this poem as a poem of hope, that the suffering so many people are going through will end, and life’s are restored. I pray that our world leaders will make the right decisions, and the Syrian government will be restored to a government that cares & looks after their people. I also pray that destruction of families, buildings, and communities will end in Syria.

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