Restaurant Revolution Melbourne

Posted July 21 2015

On Sunday I checked out the recently opened Scarfo, which is part of Restaurant Revolution Melbourne.

The restaurant is run by Nathan and Maz.

I was surprised to see no queue when I arrived just after 2pm. Maz greeted me and took my details as there was a 10 minute wait. I choose to wait at the bar until a table was ready.

The menu

The menu is a mixture of various modern italian dishes which ranges from small bits, to main meals with optional sides. Prices are pretty standard.

Spaghetti Chitarra

I selected the Spaghetti Chitarra (goats butter, Parmigiano Reggiano) which was full of flavour, not heavy unlike some pastas can be, and was cooked perfectly.

Homemade ginger beer

For my drink, I had selected the home made ginger beer. This came out in two parts, a glass of soda water and the ginger syrup in a small jug. It’s was very delicious with the right amount of ginger and sweetness.

Coconut panna cotta

For dessert, I had the Coconut panna cotta (with crystallised mint, macerated blueberries). This was a perfect mix of the mint, blueberries and the panna cotta. The panna cotta was the right texture and delicious.

Note that the menu may change, so what I had on Sunday, may not be the same in a week or two time.

Wall garden

The restaurant 

It’s like any restaurant, with a bit of wall art, hanging pots and nice lighting.

The difference though is you are walking into a television set as everything that is going on, from food preparation to wait service, is being filmed for Channel Seven’s Restaurant Revolution.

The bar area, with camera operator

There is only one roving camera (the rest are fixed), so it’s not frustrating having a TV crew around while you eat.

One advantage though about it being a TV set is the acoustics may be better than most restaurants (where you sometimes can’t hear the person next to you talking) as there is acoustic treatment in the ceiling.

Of course you can see some odd things appear in it, which I suspect was part of a challenge. I won’t spoil the mystery.

Overal Score

Food 5/5

Wait staff 4/5 – While generally good, there was small delays in service.

Atmosphere 4/5

Location 5/5

Where to find it

It’s right next to the Palais Theatre in the St Kilda Triangle, Lower Esplanade.

Open for Lunch Wednesday to Sunday and Dinner Wednesday to Saturday.

Walk in’s only (no bookings) and BYO.

Find out more on Facebook at or find out more about the show on the official site

I’ll try and head back to it again to support them and see what other yummy dishes they have are like.

Update: Seven has announced the show starts airing on Tuesday the 28th of July

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