Why get a Windows PC in 2019

Posted March 13 2019

Computers are changing so often. Connectivity, build quality, processor speeds and screen quality are some aspects that have changed every year.

Traditionally Apple Mac’s have been looked at for a laptop or desktop that is going to provide performance within a system that just doesn’t look nice, but has a good build quality.

But, and as a Mac user for quite a number of years it hurts me to say this, Windows-based PCs have lately been better than Apple in a number of areas.

First let’s look at what generally most users need for a system. For the purpose of this article I’m looking at laptop specifications. I will note though that unless you can afford an iMac (or even the current pricing for the Mac mini), there are cheaper desktop PCs available.

A good base system has:

  • Intel i5 processor
  •  8GB RAM
  • Onboard graphics
  • 256GB SSD
  • More than 2 connectivity ports

For a good quality Windows laptop that meets these specifications, it’s fairly easy to get one for less than $2000. Meanwhile if you were to get an equivalent Apple MacBook Pro you are going to be paying $2,199.

Note that it’s a bit harder to compare directly a Windows laptop vs MacBooks as the MacBooks can run a generation or two behind for Intel processors. Depending on your use, this could also mean you don’t get as much performance benefits as an equivalent Windows laptop running the latest generation.

Apple does though have a problem here. Apart from the price, the hardware really isn’t suitable for most uses unless you buy accessories or get a more expensive MacBook Pro.

One of the biggest issues the base models of Apple MacBooks have is the size of the SSD. A 128GB drive is only useful for basic office use. For creatives and other industries that require more file space, it’s quite limiting. The push into cloud storage could be why they have such a small drive size for base models, but if a video is edited for example, cloud storage doesn’t give real time data transfer speeds.

The connectivity on a Windows laptop is way ahead of the MacBooks as well. Most have at least 3 USB ports and a display adapter. Apple has two on the base model but this easily becomes one, if you are using mains power. The need to buy additional adapters adds to the cost and complexity of setting up a MacBook compared to a Windows PC.

For me, I would prefer a MacBook compared to an equivalent windows laptop as Mac OS still offers a really nice user experience. This includes plug and play of devices (without needing a driver installed) and how clean the Mac OS UI is. Windows 10 however is a well designed OS and is the closest to Mac OS that Windows has been.

Like a few YouTubers I’ve seen though, I don’t see the MacBook range suitable for me needs anymore. Connectivity is important, as well as having a system that runs quite fast especially in creative applications.

Sorry Apple, but I think Windows PCs are the choice for 2019.

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